It doesn’t matter whether you have been playing golf for years or are just starting out in the sport; you probably want to improve your method a bit. Tiger Woods most likely just isn’t within your budget for taking private lessons. Thus, there are a few alternatives for you to consider for the game of golf and instruction to improve your swing.

Books and Magazines

Probably the least expensive and most readily available method for improving your golf game is through books and magazines. Your local bookstore or library most likely has an entire section dedicated to improving your swing and stance. The great thing about written tips on golf and instruction from this media type is that it allows you to view a large variety of different methods from a variety of sources. Professional golfers and novices alike share their tips to monthly golfing periodicals, making this a great way to “learn from the best” without a hefty cost. Try out a few of these written pieces to see if they help your course play any.

DVDs and Videos

There is also a wide variety of golfing DVDs videos available to help you improve your golf swing. While these generally cost a bit more than books or magazines, they give you a great interactive way to learn the sport. Most of these pieces are created by professional golfers, giving you the chance to directly learn their golf secrets and instruction methods.

Internet Media

One other great, and highly cost effective, methods for learning to improve your golf game is through internet media. There are quite a few instructional videos and instruction systems available online. Some of these are free and some require a monthly subscription, but they can be very helpful to improving your score on your next trip to the course.
The most important thing to remember about golf and instruction is that, without practice, no method will work. The trick is to learn the tip and implement it to see if it works well for you.