Hitting long irons is an essential skill in golf. Many expert and professional golfers have performed stunning long iron shots. The problem for most beginners who want to try hitting long irons is that they cannot generate enough power or spin. This leads to lethargic hits.

Some beginners do not know that three or four irons tend to send the ball soaring low rather than high. Generally, golfers that have a handicap within thirteen to seventeen should not have those irons in their bags. Fairway woods are easy to use.

While three and four irons are not as vital, the two iron club is essential. They can hit shots long in moments where high numbered wood clubs would not do. More advanced players tend to avoid using the two iron simply because the three or four iron already performs the same basic task.

Hitting long irons requires careful consideration of the current context. For example, a two iron can conceivably cover anything between a hundred and eighty to two hundred yards. This makes it an excellent option as a second club in a par five hole. A driving range can help a golfer get used to the distance the club can generate.

A proper setup is also required. Drivers are used differently from long irons. The ball should be in the middle of the stance. This basically guarantees a well delivered strike. It will hit the ball low, which should send it towards the green. Placing the ball inside the left heel would lead to a lifting strike.

Players should attack the ball with the club striking from inside the target line. This shallow arc will allow the golfer to sweep the ball with the club rather than hitting through the ball. A descending and even stroke is best as it takes full advantage of how the club is angled. This gives it the ability to send the ball far enough. It is recommended to finish the swing with a decisive follow through. This makes sure that the swing is smooth, fluid and consistent. Tiger Woods, for example, has a follow through that is as extensive as his backswing. His strokes are always fluid and consistent.

Using a two iron allows the golfer to keep the ball soaring low to keep it out of trouble. This is especially useful when trees are a factor. Their branches can potentially stop the ball midflight and ruin the shot. Hitting the long iron is relatively straightforward once these tips are used. These tips should shore up the game of any golfer who wants to utilize iron clubs properly.