Chipping is a key shot required in the game of golf and hence it is good to know about certain vital golf chipping tips before trying your hand at it. It is not just the ability and the talent to play golf that helps a person to make a mark in the game of golf. A person also needs to put in consistent effort in improving their game so that they can do well despite losing the rhythm of their golf swing for a temporary period. Even the most experienced players face situations when they simply do not have the swing. Under such circumstances, good golf chipping tips and techniques will come in handy.

A large number of golfers face the problem of getting the golf ball 400 yards from the tee to beside the green in just a few strokes. To avoid improperly hitting the chip shots, players should at first shift the larger part of the weight onto the left foot. One should let the hands move ahead of the ball, thereby playing the ball towards the back of the stance. A player can strike a fantastic chip shot with the right downward stroke without trying to slide the club face under the ball.

To hit a chip shot, one must remember not to scoop the ball into the air but play it with the correct sliding shot. A golfer has to make sure that the hands are kept well ahead of the ball and the wrists should not be positioned in a way so as to control the shot. Allowing the wrists to dominate the shot may increase the risk of thinning the ball clean through the green or throwing it a few inches away.

Positioning the hands in front of the ball and attempts at getting the grip and shaft past the line before the club head at the time of striking the ball can help a player to chip the ball and score his best when he steps onto the golf course. Thinned or fluffed chip shots happen when the club head goes beyond the hands.

The key to hitting good chip shots and scoring well is to hold the club a little down the shaft and play a practice chip. Getting the correct wrist action is important to ensure that the handle of the club does not touch your body and stays far away from you.

A golfer can learn about the correct wrist action by playing a practice chip and using a training aid that widens the golf club handle. This will ensure that the player using the right golf chipping tips and technique does not get hit in the body by the extended handle.